15. May 2018  -   "400 year - 3rd Kepler Law - ANNIVERSARY"

Why do we know when Kepler discovered his 3rd law ?

Because he wrote about this lucky day in his life in his famous book "Harmonices Mundi"

In his 5th book, "De Motibus Planetarum" ........

...... on page189 you can read the date.

Following I have marked it in the Latin written text.

The Bavarian Academy of Science and Humanities in Munich.  has published a collection of all Kepler books.

In this collection there are new, and better readable prints. I have marked the important Latin written text.

Above a German written translation and remark on this page showing the same facts .....

Doubtlessly, today we know about the importance of Johannes Kepler's laws for calculating orbits from planets or even spaceships.

So proudly, winking we can say ;-) 

Kepler, the visionary, predicted even space travelling 

Astronomy Picture 2018 May 15
- to honor this day in Kepler's life the Astronomy Picture of the day, was dedicated to the living house of Kepler in Linz where he lived during dedection of his 3rd law. The discovery of this house we have to owe to Erich Meyer, a local amateurastronomer and hobby historian.

Kepler-Remote-Observatory - a local project to honour Johannes Kepler




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